Why do you only accept consignments the 1st through 24th of each month?

Because of our limited storage space, we found ourselves needing to stop accepting items for consignment without warning about five times a year.  This was very frustrating for our consignors!  Rather than continuing to do this, in April 2009 we decided to move to a regular schedule of accepting the 1st through 24th of every month.  Not only has this schedule given our consignors firm dates they can bring their items in to consign, but it also ensures we get those items out for sale in a timely manner.  And, as an added bonus, it means consignors never have to call and make an appointment to consign!

Why does restyle offer a 50/50 split when most stores offer only a 40% payout?

We see consigning as a partnership.  Consignors own the merchandise; we own the market place. Consignors bring their items to us in ready-to-sell condition; we do the selling. From our point of view, a 50/50 split is only fair!

What are your seasonal guidelines?

January-February ~ Spring Colors, Heavier & Mid-Weight Fabrics
March-April ~ Spring
May-June ~ Summer
July-August ~ Fall Colors, Summer Fabrics
September-October ~ Fall Colors, Mid-Weight Fabrics
November-December ~ Winter

Detailed Seasonal Guidelines

  • January-February ~ Spring Colors, Heavier & Mid-Weight Fabrics
    • Sweaters in pastel colors
    • Mid-weight jackets
    • Jeans, lined dress pants
    • After five dresses
    • Rodeo wear including boots, hats, belts, jeans and appropriate shirts
  • March-April ~ Spring
    • Lightweight cardigans and long sleeve shirts in spring colors
    • Jeans, capris
    • Open toe shoes
    • Layering pieces
    • Lightweight dresses and skirts
    • Short sleeve and sleeveless tops
  • May-June ~ Summer
    • Bright colors
    • Capris, shorts
    • Linen
    • Cotton dresses and skirts
    • Sandals, wedges
    • Oversized handbags in straw or canvas
    • Short sleeve and sleeveless tops
    Clothing and accessories on a wall display.
  • July-August ~ Fall Colors, Summer Fabrics
    • Capris
    • Linen in dark colors
    • Handbags in summer fabrics but fall colors
    • Sleeveless and short sleeve tops
    • Dresses and skirts in all-weather fabric
  • September-October ~ Fall Colors, Mid-Weight Fabrics
    • Layering pieces
    • Lightweight sweaters, cardigans
    • Long sleeve, ¾ sleeve tops
    • Lined dress pants, jeans
    • Leather handbags
    • Boots, loafers, mules
  • November-December ~ Winter
    • Coats
    • Holiday wear
    • After five dresses, tops and skirts
    • Lined dress pants, jeans
    • Boots, loafers, dressy heels
    • Leather handbags

Why didn’t you accept my items?

While all items must meet our minimum requirements in order to be considered for consignment, what we accept is 100% driven by customer demand.  If our customers are looking for it, we’ll take it.  By the same token, if they aren’t looking for a particular item (even if it is in the retail store today) we will not accept it.  Our goal is to take only those items that meet our customers’ demands so that your consignment experience is as successful as possible.

What if I want my items back at the end of my 60 days?

You are welcome to pick up any items that remain at the end of your 60 day contract.  Simply give us a call at least 24 hours in advance of your expiration date and we’ll have them ready for you to pick up at your convenience.  We hold all items gathered by consignor request for one week.

Why is my expiration date different than the date on my contract?

The date written on your contract is a tentative expiration date, which is typically 60 days from the date you dropped your items off at restyle. However, your date may be adjusted based on when your items are priced and put out for sale. Your consignment period is for 60 selling days. We will not charge our processing time against your 60 days.

Why do you not accept jewelry for consignment?

Rhinestone rings displayed on a metal tree.

We stopped accepting jewelry for consignment in February 2010 because too many pieces were breaking as customers were trying them on in the store or, unfortunately, after they got their purchase home. But jewelry makes such a great addition to a fantastic outfit so we now provide brand new jewerly for our customers. 

Why do I have two expiration dates for my items?

In an effort to price and get items out for sale as quickly as possible, we process clothing and accessories separately.  If you have two expiration dates for the same contract, one is for clothing and the other is for accessories.  If you choose to pick up any unsold items at the end of your 60 days, we will hold the first group until the second group expires so that you do not have to make two trips. 

Why do you require clothing on hangers?

We ask for clothing to come in wrinkle free and we want to keep them that way!  We store all clothing on hangers so that it looks just as good as when you drop it off with us.  Looking at items on hangers versus folded is also the best way for us to ensure that what you have is what our customers are looking for.

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